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up on the side of your screen while browsing a website, asking if you want to chat for live support. A box appearing in the corner, meant to mimic an incoming message from Facebook, with a canned greeting from someone who ostensibly works for the site youre browsing. But improving chat services doesnt have to be difficult. Free Download: 120 Ready-to-Use Live Chat Scripts - Comm100 Freichat - Free PHP chat script codologic Random Chat Free Video Chat on FunYo Like how creating a great soup starts with a homemade stock, you need a quality base to deliver the kind of customer service that has people coming back for more. Luckily for you, weve created 120 ready-to-use scripts for 8 most common live chat scenarios, all from scratch. Freichat, free PHP chat script. This page has been moved. 1 chat software for your website.

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We hope to see you again! Ill need either your date of birth or the last four digits of your social security number to proceed. It makes it particularly easy for one operator to manage several simultaneous conversations. The nearest store to you is *location* Transfer Things can get messy when you dont have the information a customer needs on hand. Reviewing options I understand; so many options can be confusing. Training your live chat team to use the scripts will help you provide consistent and professional services in an efficient manner. Were you having more problems with *previous issue? Let me speak with my supervisor to see how we can correct this for you. Is this true, or do the plugins connect to real employees, and do they really work? If you give me your account number I can begin looking up your information. If it isnt, you can make a note to create the page. Unfortunately, there are times when a customers request is not in line with what your companys vision. Thanks for stopping by, we hope to hear from you again! Were positive that youll be satisfied. Notable Mentions, pHP Live Chat, this particular chat script, obviously enough, runs on PHP and MySQL, which most sites will have on the back-end. These products will not be able to be used together. Were very sorry, but our current setup does not allow us to ship overseas at this time.

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It would be a great help to us if we could remotely access your computer. Suggesting transfer Im sorry for the confusion, but this department doesnt have information on that topic. Unfortunately, Im afraid I dont have the ability to accommodate your request. Location doesnt matter with online chat. We can review your options again if youd like! Fantastic service can be completely upended if a customer walks away with a negative last impression. Of course, I can transfer you to *agent name* if you would prefer. As of right now, your current balance is *total. Your order is over *price*, meaning that you qualify for our special *discount* off of your order. I apologize for the miscommunication, but this department isnt equipped to handle that kind of inquiry. Let me check and see what I can do for noa noa barn nettbutikk nordland you. I will have to close the chat for now. A professional design is a lot more trustworthy than something thrown together with tables in Netscape Composer. Its been a while since youve last checked your shopping cartare you ready to check-out, or can we help you browse our selection? Welcome to *businesses name*, and thank you for visiting our site. Im sorry, but *agent name* is currently unavailable. Customers in the past have found that purchasing these items together made their lives easier. Im transferring you right now; well be back with you in just a moment! All of this is to build trust because you cant be there to assure users that youre trustworthy. Goodbye Similarly to how you say hello, how you say goodbye is incredibly important. It gets you into the top few spots on Google. Its clean, crisp and modern, it supports emoticons, it can be made full-screen, and more. Were sorry, but an issue like that can only be handled at one of our locations. If theyre on the edge of converting, or they have a concern they cant find addressed in your FAQ, you can answer it and get the sale on the spot. The key to asking for personal information is to establish trust. We appreciate your service and hope to hear from you soon! Customers who chat are much happier than customers using traditional channels of communication. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended. Notably, it supports mobile as well. It allows to engage in a natural way as its much more convenient that phone calls.