males: an erection!) with the passing of a bowel movement. The question may be, is that a reward or a punishment? . Made from medical grade, borosilicate rolled glass, this extremely durable material is non-toxic and can easily go from the dishwasher to the freezer without fear of damaging the glass in any way. Insertable diameter Material: Clear Borosilicate Glass Find more Glass Insertables here! This kind of care is very important with leather toys and items, as they can become stiff and brittle, and may be hard to use. Inner Vaginal portion.5"L.75" Dia.

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Some may even appear quite bizarre, but one would be amazed at the resulting sensations. This Larger Anal Ball is bigger, measuring in.79" diameter (the original one that comes with the Steel Butt-Locker.25 give more of a filling sensation. I'll be right over. Quantity: Inflatable Butt Plug w/Firm Core Our extremely popular 4" long tapered butt plug can inflate up to a whopping 3" in diameter! Don't be shy, you deserve it! . Then leave the beads in place during the rest of session and when the "patient" is just about ready to explode into orgasm, pull them out, one by one! Their brilliantly creative design makes them easy to insert and remove with a simple squeeze of the flanged base! . The Adventure Vibrator gives it up for twice the pleasure: not only does the shaft vibrate as it penetrates the rectum, but it also rotates for even more stimulation! Lengths: (small to large. 5".255 cm,.525 cm,.795 cm,.43 cm,.7 cm Widths (small to large.".413 cm,.048 cm,.81 cm,.191 cm,.08 cm Anal/Rectal Dilators -Semi-Flexible Item. Follow our recommendations for Cleaning Your Silicone Toys. Made of pliable, soft silicone, the P-spot angled U-shape "head" stimulates your prostate on the inside of your rectum, while the outer end cups and vibrates the testicles. The most versatile vibrator of the 21st century, teamed up with the multi-use (anal or vaginal) prostate milker or G-spot stimulator attachment and some luscious lube to make it all work smoothly! Specifications:.75" long.25" dia. Claim your 7 day free access. 2 Quart Enema Bag Kit Item #300-9005 Price:.95 Quantity: Advanced Shower Shot Enema / Douche Set Your shower becomes an at-home pulsating pleasure place with this Advanced Shower Shot System. It is surprising to note that the opening of a stricture, although extremely small, could maintain adequate bowel function. Hand-wash with warm (not hot) water and a gentle antibacterial soap, then allow them to air dry. Because you will get. The resulting orgasm will most likely be a true mind blower! The strap gives the user an amazing separation of your penis and scrotum while giving a bigger lift. As with all elements of anal play, cleanliness is of utmost importance. This is definitely what the nurse ordered! Lube Shooter Measurements Applicator is 5" (12.7cm) from base to tip long Plunger is 4" (10.16cm) from base to tip long Plunger is " (1.27cm) wide Lube Shooters Item #450-1000 Price:.95.95 Quantity: Note: Manufacturer's logo and packaging may vary.

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Young, back in the early 1900's, the Anal/Rectal Dilators were once believed to cure constipation! In bdsm scene play, the butt sandra lyng haugen naked oslo thai massasje plug is an integral device for submission. You can also amp it up by warming or chilling first! Just like Ben-Wah Balls (also known as Geisha Balls it gives a very interesting sensation as you move about! The long neck grips securely, preventing "pop-outs" by the sphincter muscles! Specifications:.5" long overall.2" wide base.5" insertable length.58" insertable width Glass Anal Spinner Plug Item #320-6008 Price: 24.95 Quantity: Silicone Butt Plug Severin "Severin" means strict, serious or used for discipline. If you always wanted to try " pegging but the idea of using a harness was too intimidating or just plain uncomfortable, here's your chance to explore and play "outside the box"! Specifications: 5 3/4 inches end to end (14.6 cm 7/8 inch (.22 cm) tapered tip's point, 1 5/8 inches (4.2 cm) widest point Pure P-Spot Glass Prostate Massager Item #320-6007 Price:.95 only.95 Quantity:.sounds like an Enema treatment on the way!